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Our Mission

To support charities to maximize income from every donation, including the loose change dropped in a donation box or a bucket. The 2014 State of the Not-for-Profit Industry report found that half of UK’s nonprofits are reporting no income from Gift Aid. It is estimated that millions of potential Gift Aid income goes unclaimed every year.

Process For Giftap

  • At an age of financial uncertainty, funding cuts and the rise of living costs which in turn impact charitable organization we want to support charities to increase its income by 25%. Fund-raising has become more challenging and very difficult for smaller charities in particular. It has become highly competitive. The impact of Brixit and the risk of losing the European funding will potentially wind up many charities. It will also lead to a new wave of competition in the fund-raising market. The larger charities will join the local competition and thus we will experience more charities fighting for a share of the same pound.

  • The additional 25% could pay for the long over due refurbishment or pay for additional resources or pay for the utilities cost or perhaps cover the rent.

  • There is no catch. We only charge 10p (plus VAT) for every £1 we claim on Gift Aid on behalf of the charity or CACS.

  • This is our promise on how we spend that 10p.

  • GifTap can also reclaim Gift Aid on donations made to a charity in the last 6 years. Register for more information.

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