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Basic FAQs

What is GifTap?

GifTap is a social enterprise empowering people and charities (non profit organisations) in the UK to achieve maximum social outcome with the power of financial donation. We support individuals to ensure every penny they donate to a preferred charity whether it is by cash, a bucket collection or an online payment we increase the donation by 25%. We support charities to receive the maximum donation to further their charitable objectives.

GifTap also supports individuals who are on a high tax band (earning £43,001 or more) to reclaim 20% income tax on the total donation each year without it impacting the Gift Aid claimed by their charities. Millions of pounds are unclaimed by charities and individuals each year. We want to make sure your donations go the extra mile and gives you the added satisfaction.

How GifTap works?

It’s very simple : each time a person donates it must be logged on the GifTap App. We call this process GifTap or GifTapping. It takes less than three clicks, that’s no more than three seconds to GifTap a donation and increase it by 25%.

For example a person who donates £100, GifTap will support your charity to increase the donation to £125 by claiming 25% tax relief on your behalf from HMRC and if the person is a higher earner (earning £43,001 or more) they could be entitled to receive a refund of £20. Which means a person only contributed £80 but their charity receives £125 from their original donation of £100. If this is confusing, it’s ok you’re not alone, because millions of people in the UK don’t record or declare their donations on their tax return.

Who’s behind it?

GifTap is founded by Foyezur Miah who has worked in the charity sector for over 15 years, most of which as a CEO. Foyezur is an MSc graduate in Voluntary Sector Management from Cass Business School, he has committed and devoted his life to the charity sector.

Have any questions?

Dont hesitate to ask any quustion. you can enquire here